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Team Bekka~ by Mew-Mew-Rocky
Team Bekka~
Remind myself I actually do art :P (Lick)

Fun little doodle project over the past day or so, drawing Soph and myself as trainers with a collection of pokemon that mean something to us ^^

Bekka's Team "and my reasons":

Dragonite: "It's big adorable derpey dragon! And dragons are the best ^^"
Aggron: "My token pokemon and ultimate fave"
Rapidash: "My favourite pokemon from the original 151, so theoretically my first fave pokemon"
Leafeon: "...Soph has Glaceon ^^;"
Skitty: "the pokemon I'm most like apparently :P"
Cubchoo: "I like bears!"

Pokémon (c) Nintendo
Team Soph~ by Mew-Mew-Rocky
Team Soph~
Remind myself I actually do art :P

Fun little doodle project over the past day or so, drawing Soph and myself as trainers with a collection of pokemon that mean something to us ^^

Soph's Team "and her reasons":

Honchkrow - "because its so suave and you gotta love a hat"
Bisharp: "It's dark and steel! A combination of both our (me and soph) favourite types!"
Tyranitar: "How can you not love this badass? He's awesome!"
Glaceon: "Does this need an explanation?"
Poochyena: "my token pokemon! ^^"
Muchlax: "the pokemon I'm most like ^^;"

Pokémon (c) Nintendo
Korrina~ The Evolution Fighter! by Mew-Mew-Rocky
Korrina~ The Evolution Fighter!
Yaaaay she's finally done! ^^

My Korrina cosplay for Telford Midlands Expo 2015, to go along side my wonderful girlfriend who will be cosplaying the fighting gym leader, Maylene -^^-

This cosplay was really fun to make, the hardest part definitely being how to figure her gravity defying hair out! But I think to decision to make plush hair has worked really well ^^ The helmet was an old bike helmet that was no longer in action and I modified to match hers, the pieces of hair are detachable for travelling purposes :P

I also really enjoyed painting the Lucarionite and making her boots/skates ^^ Unfortunately due to expo rules, rollerskates are not allowed so I modified them into boots trying to keep within the original designs ^^

Korrina (c) Nintendo
Peek-a-Boo~ by Mew-Mew-Rocky
another silly photo from the Hoenn collection X3

Kirsty (Glacia) pointed out how long her dress was and how big the skirt was... so I decided to hide underneath it :P  I couldn't convince Tate to join me though.. X3

Liza - Me!
Glacia - Kirsty

Gym Leaders (c) Pokémon Company
Storytime with Grandpa Wattson~ by Mew-Mew-Rocky
Storytime with Grandpa Wattson~
This was a silly idea that few members of the group spoke about and never actually told Gibbo (Wattson) until the day X3 Thankfully he is a good sport and loved the idea so this happened :P

There are quite a few pics of storytime so I may post more as they show different angles and show how everyone is sat perfectly in character X3

Prof Birch - Aron
Roxanne - Chandy
Brawly - Barney
'Grandpa' Wattson - Gibbo
Flannery - Holli
Norman - Seb
Winona - Julia
Tate - Soph
Liza - Me! ^^
Juan - Rob
Glacia - Kirsty
Wallace - Claire

Hoenn Gym Leaders (c) The Pokémon company


Mew-Mew-Rocky's Profile Picture
Bekka (Mew Rocky)
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United Kingdom
Hewo everyone ^^ Mew Rocky here or just call me Bekka ^^

I'm a cosplayer from the UK and Ginger of Lemon and Ginger Cosplay ^^ I enjoy cosplaying characters that are underrated or putting a new spin on old favourites! ^^

I am a magical girl at heart and believe this to be a valid career choice! So just a warning if you thought about taking over the world ;P me and my girls will hunt you down!

Please enjoy looking around my page and the various cosplays I have done :D Along with whatever artwork is lurking around ^^
  • Mood: Noble
  • Listening to: Sera Myu
  • Reading: Wolfen Truths RP
  • Watching: Jeremy Kyle
  • Playing: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
  • Eating: crisps
  • Drinking: Tea

I've spent the past week working on my Dialga cosplay for London Oct MCM :D Still no idea if I'll actually be doing this cosplay yet... but seeing as Tate and Liza is on hiatus until September I might as well make a start!

So far the dress has bee completed (and its WAY bigger than I anticipated... I thought my Kyogre dress was a pain ^^; ) and today I managed to finish the boots for her :D

I have started on the armour plating, the butt armour i'm happy with, the chest armour not so much.... but Soph says she'll help me with it when I see her in September! ^^ Thank you hun <3

Maybe I'll upload some teaser photos.... we'll see ;)

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BlazetheCat185 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
Happy Birthday Mew-Mew-Rocky!!:D (Big Grin) 
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Thank you -^^-
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Thank you hun -^^-
SonicTheHedgehog988 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013  Professional General Artist
I found you a reference to the name of Sir Galahad's sacred sword! It's name is Espee!
Mew-Mew-Rocky Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Haha thank you, but in all fairness the names of the swords change from source to source throughout history ^^; I chose the Balistra after the information it gives about it in the game ^^
SonicTheHedgehog988 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Professional General Artist
Sonic: Plus, don't you find strange that it's name is Espee! Silver is psychokinetic! ESP? First 3 letters in the sword's name!
Mew-Mew-Rocky Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Yeah no offence but I like King Arthur from a historical point of view and found the game Black Knight to be interesting from an artists POV ^^; if im honest mate I took a long step away from the Sonic fandom a couple of years ago, sorry
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